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Clean, clear and simple, it's our aesthetic and our mission. In today's world, this simple philosophy is under more and more attack. For instance, this paragraph has to appear on this page. Not because design or information necessitates it, but rather because a large tech company's predominate technology demands that a robot read the words: not you, dear reader, but a robot. We know that one audience is a bunch of faceless robots we are trying to reach while not interfering with the design as well. Robots can't read certain languages and may never understand the basics of graphic design, so we place our paragraph here at the bottom of our clean, clear, simple website. And this paragraph is no ordinary one. It's called an SEO robot. Who knew, now we make robots…

Located in downtown San Francisco, Seidel Advertising and Marketing has been in business for over fourteen years. We're an award-winning, full service agency with extensive experience in strategic creative, media planning, media buying, retail consulting, social media, website design, logo creation, graphic design, branding, corporate identity development and production in every medium. Our team works to create inventive, intelligent, yet cost-effective advertisements, public relations, and online web development campaigns. We use radio, TV, print, the web and new media, including social media and viral video to create these successful campaigns. Our clients have included Ross, Timbuk2, 24 Hour Fitness, Listen.com (now Rhapsody), Saturn, and Lombardi Sports. Our radio, TV and print ads have won hundreds of awards through a careful mix of strategy, research and creativity. We like to think that we bring a common sense, smart approach to today's advertising and marketing platforms. We don't believe money = better advertising. We do believe, however, that better efficiencies make better advertising. In an industry where it can be hard to discern the Science from the B.S, we endeavor to remain on the credible side. We maintain great advertising is based on truth.